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Myopia, or nearsightedness, is the most commonly treated vision defect. Surprisingly, its incidence in a given population is most directly related to the literacy rate. Among the world's most literate populations, the orientals, myopia rates as high as 70 percent have been documented. In the U.S.A., about 40 percent of us are myopic. Totally illiterate peoples typically have only a 2 percent rate of myopia. Myopia is produced, most often, by an elongation of the eye. The rear half of the globe of the eye grows more than it should. The most sensitive measure of this growth is a nearsighted shift in vision.
Myopia can also be measured directly with ultrasound. This is a common procedure employed prior to cataract surgery. Some people become myopic because of corneal disease. Changes in the lens of the eye can also produce myopia of the rapid onset type.
Eyecare of Greenville
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